Store Management

Full managed Walmart store solution.

Leverage our skilled team through the Management Service. A fully functional E-Commerce business created, modified, and scaled 100% for you.


Constant Communication

Despite your store being fully managed, you're constantly kept update on the progress of your store.


Product Research

Our custom artificial intelligence analyzes the current data on Walmart and locates highly profitable products.


Custom Portal

Our custom portal enables Data Integration and a simplified interface to show you transparency from A-Z.

Not convinced? Watch this video.

Who You're Working With

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best user experience possible. Project WiFi isn't just a business. It's a community of like minded people who strive for greatness and success.

Our Values

Honesty, passion and innovation. Passion for what we do is what drives us. Changing the world for the better is what inspires us. Building long lasting relationships is what defines us.

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